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TUFF KIDS program

TEAM TRANSFORM is at it again, finally ready to launch their new, highly-anticipated youth program.

After seeing much success and winning Westchester’s Best Fitness Classes for their adult TUFF program,the team spent the last six months hitting the drawing board and developed a new concept that thewhole staff is holding close to their hearts.

Introducing (drum roll)…


It’s time to step away from the all-consuming digital world and put down the video games, smartphones,and iPads.

Let’s shut down the apps and turn off YouTube while we get back to physical play and activity for one full hour.

A program conceived by Transform Fitness owners Brian Harrington, Frank D’Agostino, & Ryan Boyle with their amazing group of trainers and coaches, TUFF KIDS was built to encourage children to move, jump, lift, compete, learn, and SMILE!

Whether your child is a serious athlete or just in need of some extra weekly activity, our program is designed with progressions and regressions meant to cater to a range of skillsets—so each and every child can participate.

What Will Our TUFF KIDS Be Doing?

This is an 8-week program that will train and coach our TUFF KIDS through basic movement patterns, multiple planes of motion, core strength, speed, endurance, agility, and obstacles.

For both age groups, we will work on foundational exercise and cautiously advance as we progress through the 8 weeks.

Eating Healthy Can Be Fun!

We live in a world of fast food and slow digestion, high calories and low nutrients.

2-3 informative nutritional sessions have been scheduled into each group’s program.

We want to influence and educate our TUFF KIDS with the basics of healthy eating at a young age. Healthy eating comes with a stigma of being “gross, boring, and tasteless”—we are going to instill core values and principles on how to make important healthier choices…without confusing and overwhelming your kids.


As a business, family, and team, we take extreme pride in the culture we are fostering. We promote leadership, positivity, and team camaraderie.

A crucial component of our program is constantly challenging our TUFF KIDS to train, exercise, and compete with a purpose.

We know the kids will be amazed at what they can do, and we aim to help them believe in themselves and take pride in what they’re capable of. We ask them their goals, dreams, and aspirations.


Because we aim to attach meaning to their “play” and achievements.


Ages 6-8 / 9-12

Day / Time

Monday 4:15pm
Friday 4:15pm

*Both age groups will meet at 4:15pm. One trainer will be dedicated to each age group; separate sessions.


Cost 2 Days: $275 per child, $500 for siblings

Cost 1 Day: $165 per child, $315 for siblings

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