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When we meet on the TURF it’s game on. We remind ourselves to attach a purpose to every rep.

Turn up the music with our mix of hip hop, rap, rock, country, and house. Old school meets new school.

At transform we do not take our culture lightly – we are competitive, fun, and exciting. From our trainers and coaches to each member you can expect a unique personality that is nothing short of a contagious positive energy.

This is Our Team. This is Our Family.

Class Structure

Transform Ultimate Functional Fitness (TUFF) in our premier group-training program. TUFF is a strength and conditioning class for all ages and ability levels. It is NOT a random Boot Camp class. TUFF is carefully designed to help each client improve his or her overall muscular strength, endurance, cardiac output, as well as overall functional movement patterns.

TUFF is broken into 2 main segments, 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of conditioning training. Begin the hour by building lean muscle. Follow our carefully designed circuit based strength program by one of our elite trainers and coaches. Perform a series of exercises aimed to increase muscular strength, endurance, and power to a specific muscle complex using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, body weight, and even more of our fun resistance tools!

During the second half of the class each client will perform conditioning exercises, metabolic circuits, and/or aerobic circuits all aimed to improve overall cardiac output. Push our prowlers down our 30 yard turf field, challenge the battle ropes, row for time or meters on our concept 2 rowers, perform sprints, hop on one of our spin bikes, or do some burpees! Our conditioning circuits will make you sweat, challenge your body, and make you feel great!

Just ask yourself…ARE YOU TUFF ENOUGH?

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